Drones Coming Soon, Never Sounded so Good

Lets face it any one who has ever said “here comes a drone!” has never done so in a calm or pleased voice. That is because over the existing tenure of drones or unmanned air craft through out the entirety of their use it has long been that they have only been a means to enact distraction and carry out death. This is no surprise given the trajectory that usually comes from new innovations in the United States. That is to say that it is often the case that when something is coming out that is a ground breaking technology it is often the case that it is first bought by the United States Military and it seeks a military application. From Cell Phones to velcrow, many of our first products found their way on the battle field first. Even ones as far out and done as a means to be good as R Buckminister Fullers Geodesic Dome. But as we see time and time again that these products that start off with a shakey start usually end up gaining their balance and doing a service to the good of humanity. The drone is perhaps one of the greatest innovations in terms of war and the ability to enact a large amount of destruction, but the innovations that made them good at that are going to help them restore humanity in ways that far exceed the current stigma and tarnish of name.

Lets look at it from this way, the drone can cover more ground faster, and fit into smaller spaces with the least amount of environmental impact than a human, or whole team of humans could ever dream of. Yes the drone is a master of non interference and that is what is going to make it be able to reforest the greater part of the United States most affected and fragile forests today. The thinking behind it is actually quite genius. What you have to do is start by getting several drones map out a region and lay out a 3D skimatic that gives you a full read out on the region and the plants that are present. What this allows us to do is map and keep track of our forests like never before. But the fun doesn’t stop there. What is really going to save the day in this regard is that Drones are going to be able to determine the places where trees could thrive most easily then with the aid of an external cannon, it will fire frozen pods of soil that are coupled with a seed and nutriants and thus it has the ability to plant more trees than 200 people in the same time frame over a week. Another way the drone is going to be a force of good is that it will be able to scan for the more than 2 million still active land mines in war zones and has the ability to detonate them with out having any personal bodily threat. So to say things are looking good is an understatement.

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