Who Catches Cyber Criminals ?

Today one of the most prevalent and booming topics of discussion regarding national security is that of cyber security and the defense against cyber threats. Given the inseparable connection that is required of any citizen trying to make their way and navigate our social sphere and markets you need to tie your whole life security in the grips of the internet which does have the potential to be compromised. This being the case it is clear to see how a cyber attack on major instruction of the nation including but not limited to our electrical grid, our water infrastructure banking and financial, could have the potential to affect the interests of the nation on a scale as large as any attack we have ever received from a foreign enemy.

Today we must also consider the fact that hacker organizations and networks are more organized and better equipped than ever before. recently the British government recently released evidence that foreign intelligence captaincies, which they think were most likely from China or Korea and some former Soviet states, we in fact hacking computers in the UK. This we should understand as “economic espionage. Economic espionage relates the attempt to know another nations economic activity and weak points by the passage of stolen industrial or traded secretes to like minded nations and or interests or institutions. Because of this the European Union as  well as the G* have set up various cyber crime task forces. In the USA local law groups have entire units devoted to this and the FBI shares its info with all these flanges through the Infraredfirewall of china Project.

In the not so distant past, but a seeming life time for the internet on April 27 2007 the government of the nation of Estonia move a controversial Soviet union time WW2 memorial from a populated city square in the capital city of tallin to a different location. This causes protests and civil unrest, in both Estonia and Russia and the Embassy was blockaded. The Government of the nation of Russia protested the actions and even went as far as to threaten the nation of Estonia. Estonia wanted it gone given the fact that they were occupied and unpleasantly at that by Russian from the time following WW2 up through the collapse of the soviet union. However, given that there is still a large Russian minority in the city it was ripe for some civil unrest.

Global-ConnectedAs a result there were weeks upon weeks of cyber attacks that followed that targeted both the government of Estonia as well as private websites based in the region. some even took place on distributed denial service or (DDOS) attacks. that is when you have a large group of people set up these algorithms that target a website many times at the same time and it over loads it resulting in the rewiring of the gigahertz mainframe. when you are rewiring the gigahertz mainframe you are looking at huge costs as well as time lost, and when they are in you entire network is compromised.

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